Our mission

Create meaningful digital outcomes to help businesses & the environment thrive

Our offer

  • Digital Building Advisory & PDP Services
  • People Sensing Solutions
  • Building & Energy Management Solutions
  • KNX Building Automation Solutions

Sensing & AUTOMATION solutions

Cobler helps clients to obtain the best values out of their assets and to increase human productivity by focussing on the crucial elements.


A sustainable & efficient working environment in building tremendously enhances business outcomes, improves staff retention rate. More significantly, our clients become part of the global environmental sustainability movement. 


As there is no one-size-fits-all solution when technology is involved, we help our clients navigate through the complex and dynamic scenes of building technology.


We believe in taking on meaningful challenges to help clients create immense value and impactful benefits. 


Real Data with Real Analysis

Our team is trained to think hard and fast with real data to analyse and devise the most practical solutions for our clients. Datas are valuable & useful with us harnessing meanings from them correctly.

Algorithm to Match

Automation algorithm is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Cobler is proficient in producing algorithm that matches our clients' requirement.

Energy Experts (REEM)

Achieving good energy efficiency in ACMV operation is not an easy task. Our Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM certified by Suruhanjaya Tenaga Malaysia) is primed to help our clients' buildings run efficiently.

Communication & Coaching

All stakeholders deserve to have a clear picture of what might affect them. Cobler believes in arming our clients with information and knowledge which can benefit them for the long term.


Cobler understands elements which are crucial for building owners to obtain the best values out of their assets and to increase human productivity.  


There is no one-size-fits-all solution when technology is involved. We help our clients navigate through the complex and dynamic scenes of building technology.

  • (+) Project Design & Advisory Service
  • (+) Project Risk Evaluation 
  • (+) Project Delivery
  • (+) Stakeholders Management 
  • (+) Encompassing IoT and Smart Building Solutions


Cobler simplifies the complex and drives effective digital transformation.


UbiqiSense People Sensing solution makes a huge difference for retail and commercial spaces. By understanding the flow of people, companies can optimised the work environment, creating a smooth and efficient work place.


Footfall data is gold! Retailers reap rewards by adopting strategies which are based on valuable data.


  • (+) People Counting with BACnet Integration
  • (+) Occupancy Sensor for Space Management
  • (+) Footfall Tracking for Retail Management
  • (+) Control ACMV and Lighting Equipment with secured metadata.


Our UbiqiSense People Sensing solution adheres to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in order to protect privacy of the occupants and visitors.


Cobler understands that stakeholders and people should always be the key beneficiaries of any technological implementation.


Cobler brings the best out of your ACMV (Chiller System, AHU, etc.) and lighting system through implementation of our scientifically backed automation algorithm. 


Measure and manage KPIs that matter the most. 

    • (+) Honeywell BACnet Building Management System
    • (+) KNX Building Automation Solution
    • (+) Energy Management System
    • (+) Chiller Plant Efficiency
    • (+) Airside Equipment Efficiency
    • (+) IAQ Management
    • (+) Solutions for GBI, LEED, GreenRE, GreenMark Certifications


As an accomplished BACnet & KNX System Integrator, Cobler helps building owners achieve their sustainability goals. 


Reduce high OPEX and gain returns by changing how systems are being operated and maintained. Cobler deems this as the being the lowest hanging fruit in the pursuit of efficiency in building and business operations.


Cobler believes in delivering services which are good value for money. We help clients ascertain and understand the “What Works, What Doesn’t” for their building assets. 


By upgrading legacy systems or simply improving the building management system (BMS) maintenance plan, clients can reap saving rewards & other benefits without the high cost impact. 


Cobler is primed to help our clients achieve more with less. 


Gene has worked in the Australian building technology industry prior to relocating to Malaysia and was the General Manager and pioneer of Optergy in Malaysia. His hands-on approach has seen him being involved in many Building Automation, Energy Management, and Smart Building System projects in Malaysia, Australia and Singapore.  


Gene is a Professional Technologist (P.Tech) registered under the Malaysia Board of Technologists and he is also a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) – certified by the Suruhanjaya Tenaga (Energy Commission) of Malaysia.  


As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, he is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the engineering rooms. Gene delights in helping clients discover how to get ahead, devise and execute projects which initiate positive changes and accelerate growth.

Clients hire Gene and his high-performance team for the following reasons

  • (+) Have the team establish and define the what works & what doesn’t for their building assets
  • (+) Tap into the team’s wide base of knowledge and resources for the best digital and energy efficiency outcomes
  • (+) Rely on the team’s strong sense of accountability towards achieving KPIs

Over the years, Gene has been involved in giving talks at industrial events and tertiary institutions which include Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Monash University and International Islamic University Malaysia among others. He had successfully led his previous company to winning the Frost & Sullivan’s 2018 Malaysia Smart Building Solutions Company of the Year award.